"A Musicians Life!"

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Music is a form of expression for the musician themself, likewise to art and writing. It can take the listener on an imaginary journey.

Depends on what you like about it. There is the creativity aspect, and the ability to express yourself in a way that not everyone is able to. That makes musicians special.

“The social and collaborative aspects of creating music is one of my favourite aspects of being a musician.

Recommend to learn an instrument no matter what age one might be. Remember it takes time to master anything, so be patient and practice as often as you can.

Original music today has a lot of takers. Packed venues for club shows are a testimony to that. Such gigs are also opportunities for the artists to directly engage with the fans and listeners and also sell their albums. With Social Media presence and audio-streaming sites like soundcloud, there is a continuous interaction possible between the artist and the audience, and this enables feedback which any musician would consider valuable. With this sort of a direct connection between the musicians and the fans, Record Labels have had to work hard to continue to stay in business, because their role as the middleman has diminished. Recording and Production is often undertaken by the artist and marketing cum distribution of the album is possible via direct interaction with the audience.

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